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Birthday Venues

Birthday is a special day for every child – be it a baby, toddler, or your young one. Birthday celebration creates happy memories for the child, parents, grandparents, friends and family. Birthday parties are all about the child and their friends and offer a perfect excuse to have some fun together.

Selecting the right birthday venue is the most important part of the celebration. The venue needs to offer a safe and fun environment where children and guests can enjoy good food and participate in fun activities at a reasonable price. When it comes to birthday venues, there are a variety of options to choose from – both indoor and outdoor.

At Venuestreet, we bring together the best venue options for birthday parties across India and help you book your venues with ease. From indoor play area, outdoor play area, banquet halls, to birthday halls, we have a variety of options for the birthday celebration. So, whether you want a themed party or something educational, Venuestreet connects you with the best options in your city. With all the information required to make an informed decision, we ensure that you will not regret your venue choice for the birthday.

As you browse and shortlist your birthday venues, we have put together a list of few things that you should consider while selecting the venue:

  • Theme : It is important to decide a theme for the birthday party as the theme will influence the kind of decoration, games, and food that you can have for the birthday party. The theme can be around jungle, farm, animals, sports, or arts based on your kid’s interest.
  • Know your overall budget : The cost of the Birthday Venue is just one part of the equation. You also need to consider several others costs such as caterers, decoration, activities, host, and transportation. Considering that the party is primarily for your child and her friends, make sure that the majority of spend is towards providing fun activities to make them happy.
  • Capacity : Look at the estimated guest list and how many people do you expect to attend the event. It is best to consult with your kids to understand the friends and their families they would like to invite. Select venues that can easily accommodate the expected guests and a few more.
  • Venue Type : Decide whether you want the birthday party to happen in a birthday hall, a hotel, or outdoor. Based on the preferred birthday theme, look for venues that offer such a theme. For outdoor venues, you also need to consider the expected weather during the birthday.
  • Decorations : Based on the theme selected, you can check whether the venue offers the decoration options that will be required for the preferred theme.
  • Entertainment : Depending on the age of the children, you can consider having outside entertainment to up the fun quotient of the party. The entertainment can be in the form of games, clown, or magician. You can check with the venue owners about the entertainment options that they readily offer.
  • Food : For any birthday party, cake is the focal point of the celebration. Apart from the cake, you want to make sure that the venue offers kids-friendly food options such as ice cream, candies, and snacks apart from the usual ones for adults.
  • Parking : Check whether the venue has enough parking spaces to accommodate the expected number of guests and whether it’s part of the venue cost or has to be paid for separately.
  • Location : Check whether the location is in proximity to your home and also accessible to everyone by public transport.
  • Other Amenities : Does the venue have other amenities such as enough number of chairs, tables for seating and buffet, air conditioning, one or two rooms for the family, etc.
  • Availability : Most important as you need to know whether the venue will be available on the date and time of your choosing. Also, double check the availability when you physically visit the venue.

With this checklist, you are all set to start shortlisting your venues. At Venuestreet, we have tried to provide as much information about the venues as possible and with easy to use filters you can quickly shortlist the right venues for your birthday. You can enquire directly with venue owners through the website and pick your dream venue.

So, select the perfect venue and leave the arrangements and worry for proficient birthday experts that the venue offers. You can just relax and enjoy the moments with your child, family and friends.