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Conferences and Exhibition Venues

Whether it’s a conference, consumer show, or exhibition, it attracts a sizeable number of delegates for the event. For such events, it is important to have venues that are large enough to expected number of visitors. The venue can vary from mid-sized convention centres to large exhibition centres. The venue for such events needs to be professional and well-organized. At the same time, it should be flexible enough to have breakouts and networking areas so that participants can network and formalize business deals.

At Venuestreet, selecting the perfect venue for your Conference or Exhibition is simple. With a host of large-sized venue options, you can select the right venue based on your requirements and budget. From a mid-sized hotel, auditorium, convention centre, stadium, to large exhibition centres, we have a variety of options for your Conferences and Exhibitions. So based on the number of delegates expected, Venuestreet helps you discover the best venue options. With the information to select the right venue for the Conference or Exhibition, you can be rest assured of your venue choice.

As you browse and shortlist your business meeting venue, we have put together a list of few things that you should consider while selecting the venue:

  • Venue Size : The most important aspect to look for while booking a venue for Conference or Exhibition is the size of the venue and whether it’s large enough to accommodate the number of exhibitions you hope to participate as well as the expected number of visitors. Considering that exhibitors usually need to setup their display stands, AV equipment and other promotional materials, the venues should not be congested and should have enough space for exhibitors to setup their stalls.
  • Facilities : For events such as Conferences and Exhibitions, you should check whether the venue offers additional space for keynote speakers, workshops, breakout areas, separate rooms or meeting areas. You should also check for availability of restaurants and lounge areas.
  • Location : For conferences and exhibitions, exhibitors need to set up their exhibition stalls which require better accessibility and flexible access hours. At the same time to ensure high turnout for the event, visitors will expect a venue that is easy to find and has enough parking space. That’s why location is a key aspect for booking venues for such events.
  • Amenities and Service : It is important to consider the amenities that the venue offers which can include audio-visual equipment, tables, chairs, and kitchen. Also check whether they have enough support crew to offer catering and setup/ cleanup services during and after the event. Inquire about any freebies that the venue offers such as complementary drinks, stationary, or shuttle service to the airport.
  • Parking : Check whether the venue has enough parking spaces to accommodate the expected number of delegates and visitors and whether it’s part of the venue cost or has to be paid for separately.
  • Availability : Most important as you need to know whether the venue will be available on the date and time of your choosing. Also, double check the availability when you physically visit the venue.

With this checklist, you are all set to start shortlisting your venues. At Venuestreet, we have tried to provide as much information about the venues as possible and with easy to use filters you can quickly shortlist the right venues for your Conference or Exhibition. You can enquire directly with venue owners through the website and pick your dream venue.

So, select the perfect venue and leave the arrangements and worry for proficient event planners that the venue offers. You can just relax and enjoy the moments with your business partners.