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Corporate Event Venues

Corporate Events are generally private events organized by an organization for their employees, clients, or other stakeholders. Corporate Events include annual parties, award ceremony, press conference, product launch, workshops, or promotional events with participation of anywhere between 10 to more than 100 people.

While hotels and exhibition centres are the most popular venues for such corporate events, you can also explore several exciting venue options such as resorts, theme parks, and even malls. The venue has to be fun, exciting, and stimulating such that attendees can get away from the day-to-day routine and disconnect from the usual work environment.

At Venuestreet, we intend to make the process of selecting the right venue for your Corporate Event hassle free. With options such as hotels, exhibition centres, banquet halls, restaurants, malls, cafes, and resorts, your search for the perfect corporate event venue ends here. With the information required to make an informed decision available on your fingertips, we ensure that you will not regret your venue choice for the corporate event.

As you browse and shortlist your corporate event venue, we have put together a list of few things that you should consider while selecting the venue:

  • Type of Event : The right choice of venue depends on the type of corporate event and the purpose – awareness, publicity, and client or employee appreciation. For a fun corporate event such as annual party, you need a relaxed and fun venue such as hotel banquets, themed cafes, or a nightclub. For a more formal event such as product launch or workshop, you might want to consider banquet halls, galleries, and art spaces. Another important thing to consider is the overall ambience of the venue and it matches with the desired feeling of the event and your corporate brand image.
  • Capacity : Based on the invitee list for the event you will have a fair sense of the capacity required at the venue. Select venues that can easily accommodate the expected guests and a few more.
  • Know your overall budget : For any corporate event, it’s important to plan a budget and stick to it. The cost of venue can take a major share of your budget. Make sure that you have enough money left to account for food, entertainment, etc.
  • Layout : Based on the type of event, there are a few other things to keep in mind while booking a venue. A stage, seating, quiet space for 1-1 discussion are some of the things that you need to look for. While shortlisting the venues, get a floor plan of the venue to get a clear idea of the seating arrangement, area for activities, and placement of AV equipment.
  • Amenities and Service : It is important to consider the amenities that the venue offers which can include audio-visual equipment, tables, chairs, and kitchen. Also check whether they have enough support crew to offer catering and setup/ cleanup services during the event.
  • Parking : Check whether the venue has enough parking spaces to accommodate the expected number of guests and whether it’s part of the venue cost or has to be paid for separately.
  • Location : The venue should be located at a convenient distance from the attendees’ office or home. If the event will have outstation participants, you should prefer a venue that is closer to airport or hotels.
  • Availability : Most important as you need to know whether the venue will be available on the date and time of your choosing. Also, double check the availability when you physically visit the venue.

With this checklist, you are all set to start shortlisting your venues. At Venuestreet, we have tried to provide as much information about the venues as possible and with easy to use filters you can quickly shortlist the right venues for your corporate event. You can enquire directly with venue owners through the website and pick your dream venue.

So, select the perfect venue and leave the arrangements and worry for proficient event planners that the venue offers. You can just relax and enjoy the moments with your business stakeholders.