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FAQs – General

About Venuestreet

What is Venuestreet?

Venuestreet is a venue booking platform that provides all information that you will need to select a venue for any event - be it weddings, birthday parties, conferences, meetings or seminars. With visibility into real-time venue availability and a host of other features for both venue owners and customers, the platform simplifies planning of events for all. It is the first premium real-time online booking software for venue booking.

With an intuitive platform supporting open communication, we intend to simplify the event booking process for customers and venue and bookings management for venue owner. Venue Owners using our platform can benefit from complete inventory and bookings visibility, faster turnaround times, and paperless processes.

Why should I book a venue through this website?

By using our website, you can see a large number of venue options in the locality where you plan to host the event. Unlike many other websites, we offer real-time visibility in the availability of venue as this information is directly updated and maintained by the venue owners. This eliminates the hassle of checking with each venue owner about the availability of venue on the day and time of your choice. Once you find the venue of your liking, you can directly request for quotes from the venue owners and negotiate the best rates. With this convenience, you save on time, money and effort.

Getting Started

I have an upcoming event, how do I use Venuestreet for that?

We provide a number of venue options based on the location where you are planning to have the event and make it convenient to book a venue. We enable this by:

  • Finding venues based on your requirement such as venue type, number of guests, amenities and facilities required.
  • Get real-time availability of venue on a certain day and time in one central place without having to call each venue separately.
  • Negotiate and get the best rates from the venue owners and make an informed decision faster

What kind of events do you support?

We provide venue options for both Corporate as well as Personal Events. In Corporate Events, you can find venues for Business Meetings, Conferences, Consumer Show, Exhibition, Workshops, Meetups, Product Launch, Seminar, Shareholder Meeting, and Networking Events. For Personal Events, you can find venues for events such as Weddings, Birthday Parties, or other theme parties.

How can I book a venue through your website?

Venuestreet allows you to book a venue directly from the website. You can either make full or partial payment to block the venue on a certain date and time.

Do you also help with Event Planning?

No, we just help with venue booking. However, you can check with the venue owner as they often offer this service or have tie-ups with event planners.

How can I get the best rates for the venue?

You can request for RFPs from multiple venue owners by providing the date and time of event and your requirements from the website. Venue owners submit their responses online which can be viewed by you. You can then compare the rates proposed by the venue owners and select the best option as per your budget and requirements.

How can I track the bookings made through the website?

Once you book a venue, the booking information is always visible on the website. In case you have already made a partial payment, you can pay the remaining amount any time from the website.

Can I make changes or cancel my booking?

You can make changes or cancel the booking. Refer to the answer below for refund policy in such cases.


Once I finalize the venue, how do I make the payment and what are the payment terms?

You can make the payment online. The payment can be in full or partial depending on the payment policies of venue owners. On paying the booking amount, your booking is 100% confirmed. You can also make partial payment directly at the venue. Once you book a venue, the booking information is always visible on the website. In case, you have already made a partial payment, you can pay the remaining amount anytime from the website.

Do you support online payments and is the payment made through Venuestreet secure?

Yes, we support online payments and it’s 100% secure. Your payment is made using a payment gateway which is completely secure. Since the venue owners are listed with us, we already have their bank account details. So, after the payment is made, the amount is transferred to the venue owners bank accounts typically in a week’s time.

Are there any additional charges for booking?

No, there are no additional charges for booking to our customers.

What is the refund policy?

As per our refund policy, if a customer cancels their booking before 15 days of the event, they are entitled to receive 60% of the booking amount. If the booking is canceled a week before the event, they are entitled to get 50% of the amount. For any cancellations lesser than 1 week before the event, the client does not get any refund. The amount will be credited to your bank account within 7 to 10 business days.


Can we access Venuestreet from our mobile phones or tablets?

Yes, we have built a mobile-friendly, responsive website which allows you and your sales personnel to manage your bookings on the go. We already have Android and iOS apps which are available for download for use by customers.


How do I file a support ticket?

Just drop us a mail at