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FAQs – For Venue Owners

About Venuestreet

What is Venuestreet?

Venuestreet is a venue booking platform that provides all information that you will need to select a venue for any event - be it weddings, birthday parties, conferences, meetings or seminars. With visibility into real-time venue availability and a host of other features for both venue owners and customers, the platform simplifies planning of events for all. It is the first premium real-time online booking software for venue booking.

With an intuitive platform supporting open communication, we intend to simplify the event booking process for customers and venue and bookings management for venue owner. Venue Owners using our platform can benefit from complete inventory and bookings visibility, faster turnaround times, and paperless processes.

Why should I list with your website compared to other venue booking websites?

You can certainly list your venue on other venue booking websites apart from ours. At Venuestreet, we believe that generating leads and bookings is just one aspect of this business. The other important aspect is to intelligently manage your inquiries, online and walk-in bookings, event schedules, and payments through a single interface. With that focus in mind, we have built all-in-one venue management software which enables venue owners to drive ROI through improved visibility and collaboration. You can request a demo to experience the power of this software.

What features are available as part of the Venue Management software?

The primary features available in this software are multiple venue management, booking management, inquiries management, and reporting. For complete details of the features available, visit our Register as a Vendor page or download our brochure.

Getting Started

How can I start using the Venue Management software?

Visit the Register as a Vendor page and click on the Register option. You can register by providing your email id, phone number and location details. Once you register, you can add venues by entering venue details such as Venue Name, Address, Latitude-Longitude, Capacity, Price, and Facilities and Amenities available.

What do I need to use this software?

All you need is an internet connection. No servers, installation, or IT support team required.

Do I need to train my sales staff to use this software?

Our software is highly intuitive, easy to understand and use. If your sales staff has used any desktop or web-based application earlier, it will be fairly easy for them to pick up and start using this software.

Pricing Plans

Is this software free to use?

None of our plans are free right now. We have three plans – Basic, Advanced, and Enterprise. The Basic plan is available at Rs. 999 per month and with this plan, you can manage venues and bookings. With our Platinum plan available at Rs. 1199 per month, you can manage venues, bookings, and view and send replies to the inquiries. With our Enterprise plan available at Rs. 1499 per month, you can manage venues, bookings, view and send replies to the inquiries, and view MIS reports.

Do these plans offer access to multiple users from the same organization?

No, right now the access is restricted to one login id only.

Are there any additional charges on payments made by customers through the website?

Yes, we charge processing fee which includes the payment gateway charges and our commission.


How many venues can I add?

The number of venues that you can add depends on the plan that you select as a vendor. The Basic Plan allows you to add 2 venues. The Platinum Plan allows you to add up to 10 venues, whereas with the Enterprise Plan you can add unlimited number of venues.

How can I track daily inventory of venues?

With this software, you can manage bookings that you receive online from Venuestreet as well as walk-in or telephonic bookings. Once you start using this software, you can have a consolidated view of all bookings and availability status of the venue for any timeslot with an intuitive calendar view.

How can I manage my walk-in or offline bookings from this system?

The Booking Master module allows you to add bookings that you receive through walk-in or offline. You need to provide the selected venue, date and time slot, customer name, contact information, payment, and other specific details about the event.

Can I respond to customer inquiries from the software?

Yes, you can respond to customer inquiries from the software itself. However, this feature is only available in Platinum and Enterprise plans. You also have the option to attach documents with the quotation while replying to the inquiries.

What are the reports available in this software and can I create custom reports?

We offer a Dashboard view with charts depicting total inquiries, bookings, and sales along with month-on-month and year-on-year trend data. The dashboard also provides the number of venue bookings based on event types.

We also offer various types of MIS reports for inquiry, booking, sales, and payments which can also be exported to CSV format. You can use the CSV files to create custom reports or further analysis.


How do you help me market my venue across India?

Our website enables users who are looking to book venues for their events explore multiple venue options based on the location, requirements, and budget. With Google map integration, rich images and several filter criteria such as event type, capacity, and amenities, users can easily discover the venues listed by you on Venuestreet. With our marketing budget, we drive online traffic to our website which will help these users discover your venue.

Venuestreet also offers paid marketing options which enable you to display your venue at the top of search results as a Featured Venue. We also offer the option to display your venue as a featured venue for users from other cities. With the increased visibility and reach beyond your immediately locality, you can increase the chances of receiving more inquiries for your venue. This subscription is available as 6, and 12 months plan. The subscribed venues will be displayed as Featured Venue for the same duration.


Can we access Venuestreet from our mobile phones or tablets?

Yes, we have built a mobile-friendly, responsive website which allows you and your sales personnel to manage your bookings on the go. We already have Android and iOS apps which are available for download for use by customers. We will soon be launching mobile apps which can also be used by venue owners.


Which payment gateways do you support and is it secure?

We use PayU as the payment gateway to receive payments and it’s 100% secure.

How much time does it take for the amount to credit in my bank account once the customer makes the payment?

The amount after deductions will be credited to your account between 7 to 10 business days after the transaction.

What is the refund policy if a customer wants to cancel the booking or if we cannot provide the venue due to unavoidable circumstances?

As per our refund policy, if a customer cancels their booking before 15 days of the event, they are entitled to receive 60% of the booking amount. If the booking is cancelled a week before the event, they are entitled to get 50% of the amount. For any cancellations lesser than 1 week before the event, the client does not get any refund. The remaining amount will be credited to your bank account after deduction of our commission within 7 to 10 business days.


How do I file a support ticket?

Just drop us a mail at