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Wedding Venues

Wedding is a special event in a person’s life. It’s an event when two individuals take the marriage vows and start a new journey together. The event is not just about the bride and groom, but about two families coming together.

If weddings are so special, you certainly want to make that day memorable for you and your family. However, planning what will be the most wonderful day of your life can often be challenging and stressful. It requires inputs not only from the To-be partners, but also from family members, and friends.

Selecting a wedding venue is an important part of the wedding planning process. You need to talk to multiple venue owners to select that one perfect venue which itself can be overwhelming for most people. If venues are chosen hastily, people often end up regretting their venue choice after the wedding ceremony.

At Venuestreet, we intend to help you book the perfect venue for your wedding by providing a host of venue options across India at one place. From banquet halls, outdoor garden venues to poolside venues, we have a variety of options for your special wedding day. With the information required to make an informed decision at your fingertips, we help you select the best venue for your special wedding day.

As you browse and shortlist your wedding venues, we have put together a list of few things that you should consider while selecting the venue:

  • Know your overall budget : The cost of the Wedding Venue is just one part of the equation. You also need to consider several others costs such as caterers, decoration, host, and transportation. So, while selecting a venue plan your overall budget and see which venue is the best fit when you take all these cost elements into consideration.
  • Capacity : Look at the estimated guest list and how many people do you expect to attend the event. Select venues that can easily accommodate the expected guests and a few more.
  • Venue Type : Decide whether you want the wedding to happen in a wedding hall, a hotel, or outdoor. For outdoor venues, you also need to consider the expected weather during the wedding date.
  • Layout : The venue needs to have space for all aspects of your wedding including wedding ceremony, reception, cocktails and lunch/ dinner.
  • Restrictions : Check whether the venue has any restrictions in terms of a definite start and end time.
  • Parking : Check whether the venue has enough parking spaces to accommodate the expected number of guests and whether it’s part of the venue cost or has to be paid for separately.
  • Location : Check whether the location is accessible to everyone by public transport. If the location is remotely located, you need to decide whether you can arrange for transportation for your guests to the venue from a hotel or a central place.
  • Other Amenities : Does the venue have other amenities such as enough number of chairs, tables for seating and buffet, air conditioning, rooms for bride and groom, etc.
  • Caterers : Check whether the venue has any restrictions in terms of using an in-house caterer or from a preferred list of caterers. Are there any restrictions in terms of the type of cuisine they serve? Can you get your own caterer?
  • Availability : Most important as you need to know whether the venue will be available on the date and time of your choosing. Also, double check the availability when you physically visit the venue.

With this checklist, you are all set to start shortlisting your venues. At Venuestreet, we have tried to provide as much information about the venues as possible and with easy to use filters you can quickly shortlist the right venues for your wedding. You can enquire directly with venue owners through the website and pick your dream venue.

So, select the perfect venue and leave the arrangements and worry for proficient wedding experts that the venue offers. You can just relax and enjoy the moments with your family and friends.